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Anxiety is a serious mental health condition which affects some more than others. Depending on the severity of the anxiety disorder it can have a serious impact on the victim's health and physical wellbeing along with their personal life and career. Anxiety is a common condition which affects everyone at some point in time, however, as mentioned above anxiety can affect some people more than others. In addition, anxiety can be caused by a fear, or phobia. Thankfully, through the use of medication, anxiety disorder can be treated easily.

Everyone has heard the phrase take a chill pill, but do chill pills exist? If chill pill medication is real, what is a chill pill, and where to buy chill pills? Let's find out!

Are Chill Pills Real?

Yes, chill pills are very real and due to the increase in stress in our daily lives, more and more people are using chill pills for anxiety. Chill pill medication comes in many different forms, however they usually come from the benzodiazepine class of drug. Because benzodiazepines create a calming feeling, benzo chill pills are often the go to treatment option for people that suffer from anxiety or panic attacks.

How does Chill Pill Medication Work?

While there are various different types of this medication, all benzodiazepine chill pills work in a similar way - to create a calm, relaxing feeling. They do this by binding with a chemical neurotransmitter in the brain called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), and enhancing / boosting the natural calming effects of GABA. Chill pills are not only used to treat anxiety disorder and panic attacks, in many cases, because they create an almost instant feeling of relaxation and calmness, they also work to aid sleep effectively (and are sometimes called insomnia helpers).

Are Chill Pills Safe?

Chill pills are widely available and considered safe for use by most adults. However, all medication, chill pills included, should be used with care and users should always carefully read the patient information leaflet to make sure they are following the correct dosage for their condition and age, etc. When the instructions are followed carefully the risk of experiencing any unwanted effects from chill pills is greatly reduced.

Best Chill Pills for Anxiety

Diazepam 10 mg Sold under the brand names Valium and Bensedin this anxiety medication is the number one selling treatment option in the EU.
Xanax 1 mg Sold under the brand names Xanax and Ksalol this anxiety medication is the second most sought after treatment option in the EU.
Clonazepam 2 mg Sold under the brand names Klonopin and Rivotril this anxiety medication is an extremely popular choice in the EU.
Lorazepam 2 mg Sold under the brand name Ativan and Lorivan this anti-anxiety medication is also extremely popular and sold in Europe.
Etizolam 1 mg Sold under the brand names Etilaam and Etizest this anti-anxiety medication also goes by the name street Valium and is becoming very popular.

Best Chill Pills for Insomnia

Zopiclone 7.5 mg Sold under the brand names Imovane and Zimovane this sleeping pill is hands down the most popular in Europe for those with insomnia.
Zolpidem 10 mg Sold under the brand names Ambien and Stilnoct this sleeping pill comes in second place for popularity for insomnia treatment in the EU.
Eszopiclone 10 mg Sold under the brand names Lunesta and Clonexa this sleeping pill is very popular for people with long term treatment needs as it is less addictive.
Nitrazepam 10 mg Sold under the brand names Mogadon and Nitrosun this sleeping pill has been used in Europe to treat insomnia for decades.

Before you Buy Chill Pills

Before you go ahead and buy chill pills there are some things to consider first. The most important thing to consider is allergic reactions and possible side effects.

If you are allergic to ant of the ingredients in the chill pills you should avoid them and ask your doctor for a safe alternative. If after doing some research you are in any doubt, you should seek expert medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner.

Side effects are reported by a very small number of people that take chill pills. The most common side effects are a dry mouth and apatite changes, and only rarely do people experience any unwanted side effects such as dizziness or lightheadedness. Chill pills should never be consumed with alcohol or weed (cannabis) - doing do can multiply the effects of the chill pill and be potentially dangerous.

Lastly, you need to know where to buy chill pills. While chill pills are widely advertised, and many herbal products claim to offer relief from anxiety, the reality is that the only chill pills that really work generally require a doctor's prescription if you wish to buy them from your local pharmacy.

Online, people over the age of 18 years can buy chill pills without the hassle of needing to visit their doctor.

Should You Take a Chill Pill?

If you are suffering from severe anxiety, you might just want to have a chill pill! Regardless to the type of chill you are looking for, our website has you covered. Whether you are looking for anxiety medication, sleeping pills, or even painkillers we have a wide selection of medication available.

All goods sold at are packaged discreetly in plain envelopes and dispatched from our warehouse in the EU. We accept major payment options such as bank transfer, MasterCard, Visa, and we also accept Bitcoin.

Delivery times to addresses in the EU generally takes just 4 to 7 working days. We look forward to helping you with your order. If you enjoyed this article please don't forget to leave a comment below and to share it using the share button.

Tom Jones Content Writer from the EU with Degree in Medical Science

Tom Jones Ello xing

Tom is a Content Writer from the EU with a Masters Degree in English Literature & History.

Kathy Miller – Aug 02, 2021
Thanks Tom. This article has given me a better understanding of my condition and the medication I take. For anyone who has not used this website before, orders usually arrive in a couple of day and the meds are great. Kathy Miller

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