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The Terms and Conditions laid out below should please be read with care before the commencement of the use of this website and any of its related services.

Should you choose to use our website; it will mean that you agree to our Terms and Conditions. If you disagree, you should ignore the information contained here and please exit the page.

SleepingTabletsDirect withholds the right to alter the Terms and Conditions, in whole or in part, at any point in time without needing to provide you with prior notice. Therefore, prior to using our services it is advised that you always review the page so as to guarantee your understanding of the terms for the use of our website and making purchases off of it.

Introductory Declarations

Regulated Service

Distinguished doctors provide the controlled service and activity. SleepingTabletsDirect is a medium for this service which works to bring patient with prescriber and the dispensing pharmacy together. Medical consultations are taken care of by doctors that are registered and as such, all consultations are designed to the doctor's specifications and criteria. If more information is required, phone calls will be made by these medical professionals.

Medical Services

Your order is given to registered doctors by SleepingTabletsDirect for review which is reinforced by the medical questionnaire that you have confirmed to have filled in truthfully. SleepingTabletsDirect cannot be held responsible for the precision of the diagnosis, treatment or medication recommended or the correct use of merchandises delivered. Through the guidance of a personal doctor along with a prescription, you as the client are fully responsible for the use of any product obtained from us.

Delivery Services

Merchandise is delivered on behalf of and at the risk of the buyer. SleepingTabletsDirect take no accountability for obedience with importation legislations and protocols of the country of terminus. This last responsibility is for you, the client. You also officially consent to hold SleepingTabletsDirect free from any lawful action which might be brought against you in case of non-compliance with legislations and importation laws of the country of terminus. These shipments, which are all couriered by a registered mail service need to either be signed by you or by someone who is fully authorized to sign for you and is over 18 years of age. SleepingTabletsDirect is not answerable for losses, errors with deliveries or product harm caused by inadequate treatment of the shipping agent. Upon the delivery of products by a pharmacy, legalities surrounding this dictates that these products may not be returned to the pharmacy. Therefore, any annulments or changes of or to orders once they have been shipped will not be accepted.

SleepingTabletsDirect offers a 24-hour courier services, subject to availability*.

* Please note that deliveries on the next day are from the point that stock is received by our warehouse as various items are asked for and brought to us by suppliers normally within 24hours.

Pharmacy and Product Services

The merchandise responsibility lays completely and exclusively with the producer. The providing partner pharmacy take accountability for guaranteeing that the right product, in the accurate quantity and the correct potency is brought to the correct patient. The providing partner pharmacy usually dispense brand-named original medications; where the patent has been terminated, the corresponding generic brands are also accessible; the providing pharmacy only sell medical products that are produced by recognized quality names that are fully registered and certified. All products that are ordered are distributed by SleepingTabletsDirect fully qualified partner pharmacy.

General Terms and Conditions

Use of Information

On this website, various useful information is provided but it should not be used in substitution for advice from your own physician. Information obtainable from this website is not proposed to be used to identify any medical disorder or disease. Always refer to your doctor directly regarding any health issue, medical condition or disease, and before you use any new treatment or altering the dosage of your present medicines. At all times cautiously read the information offered by the producer on the product wrapping and first and foremost in the patient information pamphlet that comes with your medicine.

When you place an order om this website, as a user you affirm the following:
You have no known allergic reactions, sensitivities or lack of tolerance to any products ordered
You have no identified medical disorders leading to adverse responses to any products ordered
You are not taking any simultaneous medicines with which the products ordered are likely to interact
You take full accountability for adversative outcomes which happen as a consequence of using the product(s) ordered
You are adhering to any local laws, customs rules, country laws or drug enforcement laws
Neither this website nor any of SleepingTabletsDirect personnel accept any lawful responsibility for any improper or deceptive information and anything subsequent using the product(s) ordered.
The website refuses any accountability for any medical actions or conclusions connecting to the use of medications purchased from SleepingTabletsDirect

Use of Website

Unless if specified otherwise, the use of this website is governed by these Terms and Conditions and by the SleepingTabletsDirect Privacy Policy. In making use of this website, you are forbidden from adjusting, issuing, conveying, replicating, printing, authorizing, reassigning, or marketing any information, merchandises or amenities found or observed on this website. However, you may download, show, or print hard copies of any material enclosed on this website for your own private, non-commercial use as long as you do not adjust the content or erase any patent, trademark, or other registered notice. Any additional use of the information found on this website is barred without our given written agreement. SleepingTabletsDirect withholds the right to rectify any imprecisions or typographical mistakes in the information displayed on this website, and shall have no responsibility for these errors. Information may be altered or updated without announcement and fees and availability of goods and services are subject to alteration without warning.

Trademarks and Other Intellectual Property Rights

'SleepingTabletsDirect' is a listed trademark. All copy, visuals, visual interfaces, user interfaces, pictures, brands, logos, sounds, music, artwork and computer code (content), which includes but is not limited to the design, construction, collection, organization, expression, 'look and feel' and planning of such content on this website is possessed, handled or certified by or to SleepingTabletsDirect and is secured by copyright, patent and trademark regulations, by numerous other intellectual property rights as well as by laws on biased rivalry.

Except as specifically stated in these Terms and Conditions, no portion of this website and no content may be imitated, replicated, republished, uploaded, mailed, publicly exhibited, programmed, interpreted, conveyed or dispersed in any way (together with 'mirroring') to any other computer, website, server, or other medium for publication or circulation or for any marketable enterprise, without SleepingTabletsDirect express prior written agreement.

Links and Software

Links either to or from any websites external to this website are intended for expediency only. SleepingTabletsDirect does not examine, sanction, support or control, and is not accountable for any sites linked from or to this website, the third parties named therein, the content of those sites, or their merchandises or services.

Linking to any other site is at your own risk and SleepingTabletsDirect will not be accountable or answerable for any harm caused in association with linking. SleepingTabletsDirect rejects all guarantees, express and inferred as to the precision, cogency and legitimacy of any resources or information found on those sites. Links to downloadable software sites are for expediency only and SleepingTabletsDirect is not accountable or answerable for any complications or penalties related to downloading the software.


You hereby agree to protect and hold SleepingTabletsDirect, and our holdings, associates, officers, managers, representatives, co-branders, partners, and staffs without harm from any claim made or request, together with equitable attorney's costs, made by any third party due to or happening out of your use of the content on this website, or any content you release, post, or convey through this website, your usage of this website, your linking to this website, your defilement of these Terms and Conditions or your impingement of any rights of another.

Accessibility of Website

This website is usually accessible to users twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week and three hundred and sixty-five (365) days per year. However, SleepingTabletsDirect reserves the right to make the website inaccessible at any time, for any cause, and for any span of time. By making use of this website, you give consent that SleepingTabletsDirect will not be responsible for any harm arising out of or connected to any such disruption, postponement, or cessation and/or the services or products found therein. Upon agreement to these Terms and Conditions SleepingTabletsDirect authorizes you to see the content on the website exclusively for your own use. The material on the website is proposed solely for persons asking about SleepingTabletsDirect products or services.

Information Provided to SleepingTabletsDirect

Our gathering and/or use of any information you offer while utilizing or coming to this website is ruled by the SleepingTabletsDirect's Privacy Policy and these Terms and Conditions. By utilizing this website, you give SleepingTabletsDirect the privileges enclosed therein. In using this website, you may not upload, issue, or else print on this website any material which may be observed as indecent, insulting, slanderous, menacing, abusive, unlawful, an attack of privacy rights, or otherwise offensive, or may lead to or promote a breakage of any law.

SleepingTabletsDirect is placing the utmost stress into deterrence of deceitful actions and has to this resolution authorized expert third party services suppliers check your relevant private information. You herewith officially concede to these checks and permit us to approve the correctness of the information you have provided against government-issued ID.

Excluding all individually-identifiable personal information gathered from you and except if you have limited the use of all information delivered in agreement with the process stated in our Privacy Policy, all observations, remarks, proposals, thoughts or other information that is communicated will turn into the sole possession of SleepingTabletsDirect and you grant to SleepingTabletsDirect royalty-free, continuous, binding, global, non-exclusive authorization to use or duplicate the same. SleepingTabletsDirect is permitted to replicate, reveal, allocate or examine any such data for any and all reasons and are in no way obliged to reimburse you for any such information.

Disclaimer of Warranties

To the total scope not excluded by appropriate law, SleepingTabletsDirect, their health consultants, merchants, advisors, managers and workers deny and reject all guarantees with regards to all content, be it direct, indirect or legislative. This disclaimer comprises of but is not restricted to any and all contracts or merchantability, suitability for a specific resolve and non-infringement. SleepingTabletsDirect does not certify the content to be precise, comprehensive or contemporary. SleepingTabletsDirect also does not guarantee that this website will function without mistake, that flaws will be amended or that this website or the website server making it accessible are unrestricted of viruses or other damaging aspects, cost and accessibility of content, as well as other content enclosed in the website or available there from, is subject to alteration without warning.

SleepingTabletsDirect delivers content on this website as a service to you, the client. This website cannot and does not comprise of information about all health disorders. It may not cover all information that is valid for your personal situations. The content is not proposed for verdict or diagnosis and ought not be used as a stand-in for conference with your doctor. The content of this website, the website server that makes it accessible and the amenities and merchandises SleepingTabletsDirect offers on this website are provided on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis and with no guarantee of any kind, whether direct, indirect or legislative. SleepingTabletsDirect specifically denies responsibility for mechanical issues (together with hardware or software failures) unfinished, jumbled or hindered computer broadcasts, and/or technical imprecisions as well as unapproved admission of user broadcasts by third parties. Additionally, SleepingTabletsDirect does not denote or guarantee that no viruses or other polluting or damaging properties will be spread, or that no harm will happen to your computer system. You have solitary accountability for acceptable defense and backup of data and/or gear and you have to take all safety measures to probe for computer viruses or other damaging properties possibly happening by your use of this website. You recognize that such use is at your own peril, with accountability for all charges related to all needed checking or maintenances of any equipment you utilize in linking with this website.

This website comprises of content given by third parties and perhaps you, the client. SleepingTabletsDirect is a pure supplier of such content. SleepingTabletsDirect's editorial power over such content is similar to that of a supplier, public library or news booth. SleepingTabletsDirect's third party contractors may offer various opinions or deliver certain information and proposals. SleepingTabletsDirect makes no assurances as to the wholeness, correctness, appropriateness, or dependability of information or proposals offered by third parties. SleepingTabletsDirect does not promise or warrant the ability of any of the third parties, which includes any such third party's obedience to any ruling law, rule, directive or policy.

You concede to and agree that SleepingTabletsDirect does not sanction the content of any site opened through links or any other ways from this site and is also not accountable or answerable for this content although it may be illegal, troublesome, defamatory, confidentiality assaulting, insulting, intimidating, injurious, indecent, or otherwise offensive, or that it trespasses on or may trespass on the intellectual possessions or various other rights of anyone else.

SleepingTabletsDirect does not guarantee that information, facilities and merchandises found in this website will fulfill your desires or that they are without mistakes or flaws. Before making use of any product, you should approve any information of significance to you on the product packing.

On information given to SleepingTabletsDirect you undertake charge for its correctness, suitability and legitimacy. SleepingTabletsDirect makes no guarantee or representation that this content is appropriate or suitable for use in other localities.

As part of your admission to the site and the use of its content, you approve that SleepingTabletsDirect is not accountable to you at all in any way for choices made by you or for your activities or non-actions in dependence on the content. You likewise consent that that the collective obligation of SleepingTabletsDirect that arises from or is linked to your usage and admission irrespective of the method of action or right (e.g. warranty, tort, contract, laxity, strict obligation, professional misconduct, fraud or other claims made on other bases) is restricted to the buying charge of any product you bought from SleepingTabletsDirect in the appropriate deal. SleepingTabletsDirect shall not be accountable for any direct, unintended, singular, secondary, resultant or disciplinary damages in any cases, even if SleepingTabletsDirect has been made aware of the likelihood of such sustained damages. This is an all-inclusive restriction of accountability that relates to all damages and losses of any kind. If you are displeased with this website or its content (together with terms of use), your lone and limited solution is to cease using this website. Because some authorities do not permit the prohibiting or curbing of liability for secondary or resultant damages, such restraints may not be pertinent to you.

Contract to Abide by All Valid Laws

When utilizing this site, you do agree to follow all of the local, regional, national, civic, or global laws, decrees, and guidelines that are in keeping with in any manner to the usage of this site and of any related facilities or merchandises confined thereon.

Relationship between SleepingTabletsDirect and Users

SleepingTabletsDirect and users of this website are self-governing servicers, and no organization, partnership, employment or other relationship is created or is intended to be created by the use of the website.

Consequences for Violations

SleepingTabletsDirect withholds the right to either suspend or dismiss your account if you encroach upon these Terms and Conditions. If your activity causes harm to others, you approve to insure and hold SleepingTabletsDirect as innocent from and alongside any and all forfeiture, harm, or costs. If any disagreement occurs amongst us concerning this Contract or your use of this site, it will be fixed with good faith discussions amongst the parties.

Entire Agreement

These Terms and Conditions and other standings assimilated or mentioned to here make up the whole contract between SleepingTabletsDirect and you in relation to your use of this site and the topic material hereof, and surpass any previous understandings or arrangements (whether digital, orally or in writing) concerning the subject matter, and may not be modified or altered excluding if done in writing, or by SleepingTabletsDirect creating such alterations or changes in accord with these Terms and Conditions.


If any part of these Terms and Conditions is considered or found to be unenforceable, then this part will be removed or restricted to the least degree needed. The rest of the Terms and Conditions, together with any altered parts, will endure and be in absolute force and influence. These Terms and Conditions are the complete contract leading your use of this site.


Any of the headings seen in these Terms and Conditions and in the SleepingTabletsDirect Privacy Policy are for referential use only.

Force Majeure

SleepingTabletsDirect will not be accountable for any suspension or inability to perform caused by conditions outside its judicious control, together with, without restriction, postponements that happen because of backorders of asked for products, postal interruptions, customs interruptions or misplaced consignments. SleepingTabletsDirect will not be required to inform the Client in the occasion of such postponements. The Client will be exclusively accountable to make additional preparations to buy alternate merchandises and any charges sustained in connection with these acquisitions.

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