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Zolpidem is a substance that is part of the non-benzodiazepines medicine group. This group of medication have several off-label uses, but they are particularly effective in regards to treating insomnia. Zolpidem is generally sold under the brand name Ambien and Stilnoct and is widely available. Compared to benzodiazepine medications, non-benzodiazepines, commonly referred to as z-drugs for insomnia, are less likely to cause you to grow dependent on them.

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Zolpidem is a substance that is part of the non-benzodiazepines medicine group. This group of medication have several off-label uses, but they are particularly effective in regards to treating insomnia. Zolpidem is generally sold under the brand name Ambien and Stilnoct and is widely available. Compared to benzodiazepine medications, non-benzodiazepines, commonly referred to as z-drugs for insomnia, are less likely to cause you to grow dependent on them.

Zolpidem Tartrate

Zolpidem is typically stocked and sold by most pharmacies and sold to users. But only after a prescription from a medical professional is provided. Similarly, to Zopiclone, Zolpidem is among the most famous prescribed insomnia remedies. There are also several already existing generic counterparts for it. However, you are less likely to find most generic versions at high-street pharmacies.

This treatment is standard amongst cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy. This is because it can help you establish a sleeping habit that stimulates a faster recovery rate. The improved sleep will also cause your brain to produce melatonin. This antioxidant can help prevent cell damage that leads to cancer.

Are you looking for a high-quality medicine to treat insomnia? Do you need something high quality that sells at a more modest rate? Would you like an option to get your sleeping pills without needing to get a prescription first? Then keep reading to learn more about the fantastic services that we provide and how you can use them to your advantage.

What is Zolpidem Used to Treat?

Zolpidem is generally used to treat insomnia, a condition defined as the inability to fall and, in some cases, remain asleep. Although most believe it to be a medical condition, in reality, anything that keeps you awake at night qualifies as an underlying cause of insomnia.

Sleep interference can be caused by several external reasons, for instance, having an uncomfortable bed, living in a noisy neighbourhood, or finding the temperature disagreeable. In these cases, changes need to be made, but not everyone has the money to stand up and buy a new bed on a whim. In this case, you could get a treatment like Zolpidem as a temporary solution. This way, you can function normally throughout the day while taking your time to make the necessary adjustments.

However, insomnia can just as easily be caused by internal factors, like anxiety, depression and some neurological issues. The underlying cause could be far more challenging to remedy in these cases. Still, if your insomnia is caused by anxiety, Zolpidem might be the perfect miracle medicine for you.

This is because Zolpidem is known to cause its users to endure a state of calm while inducing sleepiness. As such, you can break the cycle of stress and sleeplessness simultaneously by using this medicine.

Zolpidem Mechanism of Action

The non-benzodiazepine medicine group functions very similarly to the benzodiazepines in the sense that it improves the production of Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. GABA is a neurotransmitter that acts by slowing the activity in your central nervous system that would otherwise have inhibited your ability to fall asleep at night

GABA has a particularly strong effect on the limbic system within the brain, which is in charge of emotional response, and the storing and recalling of memory. By increasing the density of GABA in the brain, its effect on the nervous system will cause you to enter a state of calm, making you feel sleepy while relaxing.

Although GABA production might be stimulated by using Zolpidem, it is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter, and you can raise its output by more natural means. You can increase the GABA levels by eating foods that are rich in glutamic acid, like meat, dairy products, and eggs. Additionally, activities like yoga and meditation can help raise its production as well.

By practising these healthy habits in parallel to using Zolpidem, you can raise the effectiveness of the treatment. In addition, it can help you establish healthy habits that can help you sleep peacefully even after discontinuing the use of Zolpidem.

Zolpidem Duration of Action

10 mg is the normal dosage for this medication. The effects of Zolpidem 10 mg have a half-life of about 2 hours. This means that after it is fully absorbed into the system, half of its effectiveness will be lost over 2 hours.

However, the loss of effectiveness is gradual and slows significantly after the half-life is reached. This means that although half of the effects of the medicine will be lost after 2 hours, Zolpidem will remain active in your system for an additional 8 to 10 hours. With this duration, you can have a whole night of rest and will not have to worry about it affecting your productivity during the day.

The onset is roughly between 30 minutes up to an hour post-ingestion. You would take your Zolpidem the same as any tablet, with a tall glass of water, swallowed whole immediately before sleep at the same time every night. You can have the treatment with or without food, but you might experience a delay in onset if you have it with a heavy meal. Although that is nothing to worry about, it might cause the effects to spill over into your morning.

Dosage Instructions for Zolpidem

Zolpidem is among the most widely used sleeping pills globally. However, the dosage can vary wildly depending on several factors. One such factor is gender. Because Zolpidem is metabolised differently between genders, ordinarily, women would start with a dose of 5 mg, whereas a man would be given 10 mg. If the medicine does not show the promised results, it would be later increased.

Still, the dosage strength does differ compared to the immediate-release tablets. The immediate-release tablets come in 6.25 mg and 12.5 mg. In this case, you would be given the same dose of 6.25 mg regardless of gender, but it is not uncommon for men to be bumped up to 12.5.

Your medicine could lose some of its effectiveness if you do not store it appropriately. Keep your Zolpidem away from excess heat, moisture, and direct sunlight to avoid this. Although Zolpidem is approved for adults, it is not meant to be used for children and should be kept well out of reach from them.

Does Zolpidem Have Side Effects?

If you are still unfamiliar with the z-drug, Zolpidem, the first thing most want to do is read up on its side effects to determine how safe it is. This is standard practice for most who decide to use a new medicine, as most would like to inform themselves of what possible discomforts they might experience. Before using arguably, the most widely used sleeping pill, give the common zolpidem side effects a read, which includes:

  • Clumsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Disorientation
  • Fatigue
  • A reduced appetite
  • Short-term memory loss while on the medicine

Suppose you experience any of these side effects. In that case, you have nothing to worry about, as it simply means that you are either on a dose that is too strong for you or did not follow the usage guide to the tee. These side effects require no medical attention, and you can continue normally regardless. Still, keep in mind that side effects of Zolpidem are very uncommon and only appear if certain conditions are met.

However, if you are not eligible for this medicine, the severe side effects that might appear may not be as kind. To avoid experiencing any severe adverse effects, go to the patient information leaflet, which will tell you everything you need to know to avoid them.

Can Zolpidem Be Used Long Term?

Although Zolpidem was initially created and prescribed to use for 14 consecutive days, it is no longer the case. Zolpidem is the ideal sleeping pill to be used over a long period. This is because it was discovered that this medicine has a very low risk of causing addiction, and the body gradually develops resistance to it at a slow pace.

You can use Zolpidem for as long as it remains effective. However, when you decide to stop using it, there is still a high likelihood that you might experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop suddenly. To avoid any discomfort, practice a tapering off period.

There is no single ideal time frame a tapering off period should be, but the process will always be the same. The process is gradually reducing the dosage strength of your medicine over the course of several days. After you reach the lowest dosage strength and give your body a bit of time to adjust, you can then stop using it. There will not be any, or at least significantly diminished effects when doing so.

Should Anyone Avoid Zolpidem

There are countless experiments and research material available for anyone who needs it as evidence of how fantastic it is. However, there are always two major things to consider when using a new treatment like Zolpidem; are you eligible for the medicine, and do you actually need it?

For instance, there are several possible causes of insomnia. Although Zolpidem would help put you to sleep, it might not be able to cure the underlying cause. For instance, if you have a condition like arthritis, all you need to do is treat it, and the sleeping problems that accompany it will disappear.

Whether or not you are eligible for the medicine, though, that could be a bit trickier to figure out by yourself. Although you would know your own medical history better than anyone, and simply reading up would generally be enough, that might not be the case for some. As such, it might not hurt for you to speak to your doctor, and if you get the green light, you can have all the medicine you need through us.

Considerations Before You Buy Zolpidem

Zolpidem is highly approved by both medical professionals and users. Reviews and surveys show an overwhelming preference of over 90% favouring it over the famous benzodiazepine medicine class for several reasons. So with it established that this medicine is simply the superior treatment, all that is left to consider is where to buy it from. Your options would be either the classic high street pharmacies or the online pharmacies, like us.

The high-street pharmacies have been around for a long time, and nobody doubts their positive influence on the world. However, their process has become outdated, especially when they make their clients go through so much trouble to get a harmless yet effective sleeping pill. Simply the fact that you need to first get a prescription and pay consultation fees is enough to deter anyone.

On the other hand, we would not require a prescription if you were to get your treatment through us. Additionally, we would even go as far as to deliver it to your front door in unlabelled packaging to ensure your comfort and privacy are sought after.

Where to Buy Zolpidem Prescription Free

So, there you have it. We have supplied the needed information for you to safely decide whether this medication is right for you, or perhaps another option is ideal. For those who are still ready to buy, we have what you need available with a few clicks of the mouse. Buying it from our user-friendly site is very straightforward.; all you need to do is click on the treatment and head to its product page.

Here you can pick the amount that suits your needs and add it to your cart. When you do, be sure to check out the discount system we have implemented, which lowers the price per pill based on the amount you purchase. Next, head to the checkout page once you are happy with the item or items and are ready to pay. We accept digital payments, like Bitcoin and bank transfers. We also take MasterCard and Visa for those who prefer using the original online purchasing methods.

After paying, you will receive an email with all relevant information. This includes confirmation of payment, the name we will appear as on your bank statement, and the estimated delivery date. Global deliveries take an average of 2-7 working days to arrive to customers doors.

Buy your Zolpidem today at Sleeping Tablets Direct, and get the sleep you crave.

FAQ - Zolpidem

Is Zolpidem Good for Treating Insomnia?

Yes, Zolpidem is a sleeping tablet that is regularly used to treat Insomnia. It helps you fall asleep more quickly and makes you less likely to wake up during the night.

What are the Effects of Taking Zolpidem?

Zolpidem works by producing a chemical called GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid) in the brain which has a calming effect and reduces brain activity. This reduced activity is perfect preparation for a good night's sleep.

How Long Before Bed Should I take Zolpidem?

It is recommended that you take one Zolpidem 10mg tablet no more than 1 hour before bed and 8 hours before you plan to get up. Avoid driving or using heavy machinery during this time.

How Long does Ambien Make You Sleep for?

1 Ambien 10mg tablet will make you sleep for 6 - 8 hours on average. It is recommended that you take the tablet 1 hour before you plan to sleep and at least 8 hours before you plan to wake up.

How Much does Zolpidem Cost?

Prices start from about £1.15 per tablet for the minimum order (30 tablets). Buying in bulk brings the price down and you can pay as little as £0.77 per tablet.

Last Reviewed: 28/06/22

Important Information

While this medication may be consumed with or without food, it is not recommended that patients consume it on a completely empty stomach. Likewise, the effects of this medication will be dulled, or seem weaker, if taken on a full stomach, or after eating a heavy meal.

This Medication Should:

  • be consumed in accordance with the patient information leaflet.
  • be swallowed whole; do not crush, chew or suck these tablets / capsules.
  • be stored in a cool dry place / at room temperature (20°C - 25°C).
  • be kept out of the reach of children at all times (minors under the age of 18).

This Medication Should Not

  • be mixed with alcohol - even one drink can be dangerous.
  • be used if pregnant, breastfeeding (or planning to become pregnant).
  • be shared - even with friends or family experiencing symptoms similar to yours.
  • be taken when planning to drive or operate dangerous machinery.

NOTE: If you, or anyone you know, have taken too much of this medication, or if you are experiencing any unwanted side-effects such as a rash, difficulty breathing or swelling of any kind, you should contact a doctor immediately.




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