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Galenika Rivotril 2 mg Klonopin

Galenika Rivotril 2 mg Klonopin

Galenika Rivotril 2 mg Klonopin is an anti-convulsant or anti-epileptic medication, developed to treat seizures. The medication also has a big application in anxiety treatment and that of associated disorders (panic disorder / attack).

As an approved generic of the brand, Klonopin (clonazepam), this medicine is formulated with the same active ingredient as the brand name original marketed by the pharmaceutical company, Hoffman La Roche. The clonazepam discovery was also made following the developmental and retail success of other benzodiazepine medications.

It has been estimated that at least one in 100 people will experience an unprovoked seizure at some point in their lives. Seizures occur when the brain experiences irregular electrical signals, which interrupt normal brain signals, in one or more areas. According to John Hopkins Medicine, anything that has an effect on the connection between nerve cells in the brain can be regarded as a seizure.

It was then that Galenika pharmaceutical company saw the potential of this class of therapeutics and created the generic brand, Rivotril. Even though they may be packaged differently, formulated with different inactive ingredients (those that do not affect the functioning of the medicine) and may be dissimilar in colour or size, these generic tablets are equally effective as the branded clonazepam medication. The main contrast between these versions of the same therapeutic is the cost, as generic pills are cheaper that their branded counterpart.

What is Rivotril 2 mg (Klonopin) Used For?

Rivotril is used as a first-line treatment for acute seizures, non-convulsive status epilepticus (seizures lasting more than five minutes in duration or two or more consecutive seizures lasting for five minutes) as well as myoclonic seizures (brief, shock-like spasms).

The active ingredient in Galenika Rivotril 2 mg Klonopin, clonazepam 2 mg, also makes this medication highly effective in the treatment of anxiety and anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder (with or without agoraphobia).

Panic disorder and certain partial seizures may have some common signs and symptoms, which can include fear, anxiety and tension (Thompson et. al., 2000). In fact, the similarities between these mental health disorders can even result in a misdiagnosis, because the symptoms can be difficult to differentiate in certain circumstances.

This popular anti-anxiety medication has also been proven effective in the management of movement disorders, such as akathisia. This is a condition characterised by the inability to remain still, in conjunction with an inner feeling of restlessness.

How To Take Rivotril 2 mg (Klonopin)

  • To take Rivotril tablets, carefully follow the usage instructions and enquire about anything you may not fully understand, before you take the medication.
  • In general, you can administer Rivotril pills with or without food, but taking this tablet after a high-fat meal may slightly delay the action.
  • To swallow the medicine, you can simply hold the pill on the tongue, near the back of the mouth, and tilt your head back slightly, prior to swallowing the tablet with a drink of water.
  • If you feel you may be experiencing stomach discomfort when taking Rivotril, you can administer the medication after you have eaten, as this can ease such undesirable effects.
  • When taking the pills on a regular basis, it is recommended that you keep a constant dosing schedule that is roughly the same time every day.
  • Taking the Rivotril dosage at the same time each day will also help you remember your scheduled dose. This also allows the medication to work with the body's natural processes in a healthy and optimal manner.
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Klonopin / Rivotril 2 mg Side Effects

The side effects of Rivotril are primarily associated with the central nervous system (CNS), as is the case with most benzodiazepines. The adverse events of brand Rivotril or those observed with generic clonazepam tablets are the same, since the medications are bioequivalent. These can include:

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Reduced energy levels
  • Loss of muscle co-ordination

The above-mentioned side effects are generally short-lived and resolve themselves after the first 2 or 3 uses. As for those effects that may persist for longer periods of time, there are different natural remedies that can aid in the management of these unwanted symptoms. The latter normally occurs when usage instructions are not followed.

Is Rivotril 2 mg Klonopin Safe?

Galenika Rivotril 2 mg Klonopin is considered perfectly safe, in fact, they also produce Galenika Bensedin (diazepam 10 mg) and Galenika Ksalol 1 mg (Xanax 1 mg), along with hundreds of other generic medicines.

When pharmaceutical companies, like the afore-mentioned, manufacture band or generic medications, they do so with the same regulatory guidelines. This means that you can be confident in knowing that you are buying a medicine that is equally as good as the popular branded version and equally safe as well.

The prevalence rate of anxiety is considerably high according to various EU and US studies. The occurrence of seizures is also on the rise. Epilepsy in the EU for instance, is estimated to be about 9.7 per 1000 people. With such alarming statistics, it is comforting knowing that there are safe generic and branded Rivotril variants available for the management of anxiety, seizure symptoms and related.

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Where to Find Rivotril 2 mg Klonopin EU?

Those with an anxiety disorder, epilepsy or similar diagnosis can relate to the disruptive nature of these conditions. In fact, these conditions can be interlinked as those suffering from seizures are often also affected by severe anxiety.

It is, therefore, also understandable that one may not want to or not be able to go out into public to buy the medications they need. This is where online pharmacies are ideal; they offer the retail of these therapeutic medicines without the need of even having to leave the comfort of your home.

Internet pharmacies have been growing in popularity over the past few decades, as people are not only enjoying convenience, but the safety and security reputable platforms too.

At customers can buy anxiety medication in the EU, along with a wide range of available sleeping pills in the EU and strong painkillers - all without a prescription.

This medication should be packed and sold in the following quantity and price in the EU:

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