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Pharmacy Delivery Services in the EU

Pharmacy Delivery Services in the EU

The Covid-19 global pandemic has drastically impacted our day to day lives and has changed the way we shop. With travel and movement restrictions becoming commonplace, more and more people are going online in search for a solution. This is reflected in the latest e-commerce polls that estimate that 45.4 million (81%) of the EU population made an online purchase in 2020, an increase of approximately 34% from the previous year. The digital revolution also known as the third industrial revolution is already well underway and the move away from traditional high street stores to online stores has been accelerated by the pandemic.

Be it having to social distance when you do your daily or weekly shop, restricted access to shops and health services, to buying medications and renewing prescriptions, people are looking for alternative solutions to the traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. This shift is reflected in Amazon's 4th quarter sales for 2020 which topped a whopping $100 billion for the 1st time. Although Amazon offers a small range of pharmaceutical products, there pharmacy delivery service is very much limited to a few non-prescription items.

There are however a growing number of pharmacy delivery services in the EU and both prescription and prescription-free medication can be purchased relatively easily. From strong pain relief and anti-anxiety medications to the best sleeping tablets, our blog aims to guide you through the maze of buying medication online and provide you with all the information you need to enjoy the freedom and safety that pharmacy delivery services offer. It is worth noting that by opting to get their medication online patients are able to order the medication they need without putting additional stress on our beloved NHS.

Lloyds Pharmacy Delivery Service

Lloyds offer a pharmacy delivery service free of charge for your medication as long as you have an NHS prescription. If you live with a long-term illness or disability or you care for someone who does, it's highly likely that you rely on regular prescription medication. While NHS prescriptions are usually affordable, the process of collecting and paying for your medication can be inconvenient. This is especially relevant for patients living in some of the more remote locations in the EU. These people often find themselves with limited internet, transport and payment options. By introducing a pharmacy delivery service, Lloyds hope to take some of the pressure off patients using repeat prescriptions who can now sign up for this service and have their medication delivered to their home, work or address of choice.

To set up an account with Lloyds you will have to provide your patient details, including the name of your GP surgery and which repeat prescriptions you are using. If you pay for your prescriptions, you will also have to provide your bank account details for the payment to be processed. You can do this by downloading the app from Lloyds website. Lloyds pharmacy will then contact your GP surgery and obtain your repeat prescription. Once Lloyds have your prescription and your patient details, all that is left is for you to confirm the delivery address. Lloyds pharmacy delivery services offers delivery at no extra charge and all orders are delivered via Royal Mail 48-hour delivery.

Reviews of Lloyds pharmacy delivery service are generally good but delivery can be slow and patients are advised to order 5-10 days before they need the medicines. If you no longer need the medicines, or if your prescription has changed, you can simply update your account to reflect this.

Boots Pharmacy Delivery Service

Boot's like most high street pharmacies offers a prescription collection service. Their excellent in store pharmacy team is available to advise and the service is open to friends and family of patients as well as the patients themselves. During the pandemic Boots have introduced a pharmacy delivery service but this is strictly limited to patients with a repeat prescription. This service is not available for any over the counter or non-prescription medicines.

To set up an account with Boots you will have to provide your patient details, including the name of your GP surgery and which repeat prescriptions you are using. If you pay for your prescriptions, you will also have to provide your bank account details for the payment to be processed. You can do this by visiting boots website and following the instructions. Boots will then contact your GP surgery and obtain your repeat prescription. Once they have your prescription and your patient details, all that is left is for you to confirm the delivery address.

Reviews of Boot's pharmacy delivery service are mixed and patients are recommended to order at least 5 - 10 days in advance. It should be noted that Boots charges ?5 if you opt for delivery over collection. Boots pharmacy delivery service is still limited to certain regions within the EU and patients are asked to check with their nearest Boot's before signing up for this service.?

Online Pharmacy Delivery Service

Although the familiar high street pharmacies, Boot's and Lloyds are adapting their business model to cater to online shoppers, their services still remain limited. There are, however, a number of established online pharmacies that pick up the slack here and offer choice medications through their pharmacy delivery service. By offering pharmacy delivery services to customers the length and breadth of the country, patients from all over the EU can now order the medication of their choice. Whether you have researched your condition and done a self-diagnosis or you require a repeat medication without the prescription, online pharmacies have a solution close at hand.

When you are choosing a platform to purchase medication from for the first time it is important to check the authenticity of the website in question. This can be done by simply following the below;

  • Type the websites name into a search engine. If the site in question is not authentic the search engine will inform you of this.
  • Always check the website connection type. If the tag starts http, this ensures the site has security certification and most fake sites don't bother to do this.
  • Check the site's security status in your browser's address bar. For most browsers, a "safe" website will display a green padlock icon to the left of the website's URL.

While online pharmacies are a fairly new concept a few quick checks will bring you to a safe and trusted vendor that will offer pharmacy delivery services for your choice of medication. Unlike Lloyds and Boot's, customers are not required to provide a prescription or their patient details and their GP will not be contacted. Many online pharmacies offer delivery services to all corners of the EU and often across Europe. By adapting their service to the needs of their client's, online pharmacies are changing the way we get our medicines.

Our Pharmacy Delivery Service

Our pharmacy delivery service offers anxiety medications including Xanax and Lorazepam, pain relief medication such as Codeine and Tramadol as well as a selection of sleeping pills including Zopiclone and Zolpidem. We offer all the advantages of shopping online including home delivery, prescription free medication and total anonymity. By removing the traditional costs of the brick-and-mortar pharmacies we are also able to offer the medication at a highly reduced price. You can place an order at our website from the comfort of your home in 3 easy steps;

  • Click on the product you want followed by the quantity and proceed to checkout (if you require more than 1 medicine simply click continue shopping and proceed to checkout on completion).
  • Enter your Billing and delivery Address, phone number and email address and click on your preferred payment option.
  • You will then receive an email (check your spam and junk folders if this is not in your inbox) with further instructions to complete payment. Follow the instructions to complete payment and reply to the email with confirmation.

Our tailored service ensures speedy delivery of your order no matter your address. To meet our customer's demands, we offer multiple payment options including VISA, MASTERCARD, Bank Transfer and payment by Crypto Currency (Bitcoin). Outside of offering sleeping pills, anxiety medication and painkillers prescription free, our pharmacy delivery service comes with a number of other benefits;

?Prompt Delivery - All orders are delivered by Royal Mail signed for and delivery is 2 - 4 days from payment.

Promotions - Promotions are frequent and customers should check the website or speak to us directly for the latest offer. Patients can order up to 3 month's supply in advance for additional savings.

Privacy & Protection - In order to maintain our client's discretion at all times, we will not contact your Doctor and no personal information is either stored or shared with 3rd parties. All orders are packed with discretion in mind and there will be no indication of what is inside the package.

Customers are encouraged to leave a review at the website and rate the experience. If the feedback is anything to go by, orders are delivered in the prompt manner advised, the customer service team are available around the clock and the quality of the medication is 1st class.




If you have any questions about the sleeping tablets, anxiety medication or painkillers available at our online pharmacy we are available 24-hours to assist by phone, email, or live chat.

If you have not found a medication to treat your condition on our website then you may be interested in checking out our Find a Chemist Near Me page where we have listed the top 100 EU pharmacies near you, their websites and their Google maps location.

Posted Date: 04 February 2021
Review Due: February 2022

Tom Jones Content Writer from the EU with Degree in Medical Science

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Tom is a Content Writer from the EU with a Masters Degree in English Literature & History.

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