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Anti-Spam Policy


1.1 In the context of any form of computerized messaging, 'spam' is defined as unwelcome, numerous or indiscriminate messages, commonly sent for profitable, advertisement or commercial reasons.

1.2 Our company strongly commits to a zero-tolerance spam policy.


2.1 This document was created using a template from SEQ Legal.

Spam filtering

3.1 The computerized messaging systems that our company uses scan all incoming messages and blocks out any messages that appears to be spam of any kind.

3.2 Our company reserves the right to report any incoming email as spam which may or may not result in IP addresses or domain names being blacklisted.

Possible Spam filtering issues

4.1 At this time there is no filtering system that is 100% accurate which means that there may be a legitimate message that will be filtered out on occasion.

4.2 If a message that you have sent was filtered, but is believed to be legitimate, please contact the recipient of your message by some other means.

4.3 In order to reduce the chances of your messages being filtered by our systems, try to do the following before sending your message through to us:
(a) Use a plain text format for your message rather than HTML
(b) exclude any attachments of your message
(c) avoid common terminology or messaging patterns that are used by spammers
(d) ensure that you scan your messages for malware before sending

User spam

5.1 Our company provides a platform that allows users to send emails to us.

5.2 Our users must not use our messaging platform or any of the other services that we offer to store, duplicate, send, communicate or issue spam.

5.3 The provisions regarding our messaging platform can be found in our website’s terms and conditions of use.

In the event of receipt of unwanted messages from us

6.1 In the improbable event that you receive a message from us of any kind, or any message sent from our automated systems that you may consider to be spam, please contact us by using the details mentioned below, and the incident will be investigated thoroughly.


7.1 This policy may be amended at any time through the publishing of the amended policy on this website.

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