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About Tom Jones

After graduating St Andrew's University with a Masters in English Literature & History, Tom has managed to successfully carve a career as a content writer. It was during his time at University that Tom discovered his fascination with ancient medical practices and the evolution of medicine. Tom is interested inspired most in the connection between getting a good night sleep and living longer, happier lives.

Through the advancement of sleeping tablets and anxiety medication to combat anxiety related insomnia, our sleep hygiene in general is now much better than it used to be in the past and as a result people are living longer.

Medicine Revolution

His deep understanding of this evolution and his dedication to keep learning gives Tom a unique insight in to how modern medical practices will develop. As his old professor used to say "the key to being a good writer and understanding your subject matter is research, research and more research". Needless to say, Tom heeded those words and we are confident that the diligent nature in which he go's about compiling his blogs will be both enlightening and beneficial to our reader's health.



Tom's pastimes include reading, researching (funnily enough) and socialising. Regarded as a bit of a book-worm by his close friends, Tom is happiest in the library or using his new found knowledge at his local pub where he has quite the reputation as a quiz hound.

Tom has been in charge of blog content creation at since May 2020 and for his hard work and dedication he has recently been promoted to chief editor of our blog!

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Edited: 20 January 2021

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